Retail Scan partners with a leading beverage company to improve its in-store availability and visibility parameters. | Retail Scan teams up with a leading biscuit manufacturer to improve visual equity of its brands at POS and create immediate action items for improvement.| Retail Scan teams up with a leading biscuit manufacturer to improve visual equity of its brands at POS and create immediate action items for improvement| Retail Scan helps a leading personal care company realign its distribution channels, thereby substantially improving throughput from its key stores| Retail Scan helps a cigarette major unearth substantial distribution gaps in Top metros. | Retail Scan helps a leading home care brand overcome frequent stock out situations | Retail Scan successfully partners with a leading health and home care company to improve execution of its pan India Retailer Program.

what we do

100% Customised Tracking

My-Track, an online mobile data collection and reporting system, allows our clients to seamlessly capture all field level data & images on a real-time basis. Completely hassle-free, it is available in multiple languages. What’s more...the in-built map engine allows one to locate stores, add stores, add data to store locations, run simple queries and do a lot more.

Visibility Impact Assessment

Today it is not only enough for your brands to be simply available in a store, how they are available and where they are available inside the store are equally important. Benefit from Retail Scan’s comprehensive Visibility Indexing Model, an industry benchmark developed over the years for various trade channels and outlet types, to increase visibility.

Customised Offtake Study

Retail Scan maintains customised panels for a diversified category of consumer packaged goods. Our offtake studies are customised for every client, providing quick and accurate insights & eliminating errors due to large scale extrapolation and syndication. Particularly effective for new product launch.

Compliance Audit

Be it having a zero-tolerance approach towards out-of-stock (OOS) situations of your Must-have SKUs or maximising return on investments of your flagship retail loyalty program or identifying distributor level issues that affect your business growth, Retail Scan has helped many large FMCG firms overcome challenges related to availability & visibility.

Outsourced Retail Loyalty Programs

From conceptualising and designing your retail loyalty programs to measuring the efficacy of every rupee spent on it, from ensuring measurable improvement in execution to creating an online scoring mechanism for all the stakeholders. Retail Scan specialises in end-to-end management of all your key retail trade programs, including managing retailer payout.

Shelf Optimisation through Image Recognition

At Retail Scan, we always strive to offer our clients innovative solutions that allow faster and seamless way of capturing and interpreting data and turning them into real-time actionable insights. Our technology partners work on cutting edge technology like Image Recognition that has brought about a paradigm change in the way in-store execution gets monitored and improved.

who we are

Identify your right customers. Know how much you should sell to a store. Create a zero-tolerance policy towards MSL stock-out. Realign sales beats to increase throughput. Change the way your sales and trade programmes are run. Retail Scan is here to help you in every aspect of execution.

who we work for
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