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Mystery Audit

In a world characterised by exponential proliferation of new brands and declining brand loyalty, it is but imperative that every marketer is trying to create his unique differentiation with his customers or channel partners. Much of these efforts are targeted at the end consumer, when s/he goes in to purchase the product or service. As a result, Customer Experience Management, as part of the larger Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, is increasingly gaining importance. According to a recent industry estimate, mystery audit in India is an 800 Crore annual business, growing at a rate of 30%. From pizza chains to commercial banks, everybody wants to have a real-time understanding of where they can further improve to exceed customer expectations. Little wonder that every kind of service organisations is today using this powerful tool to measure their value quotient from a customer perspective.

In fact, there is nothing more damaging than a group of unsatisfied customers bad mouthing your products or services. Studies show that every unsatisfied customer who talks about his bad experience to 10 people, you stand to lose 100 potential customers. can say one cannot please everybody, but you can definitely take some proactive steps to stop losing customers. Mystery audit, in that sense, is not a fault-finding exercise but a fact-finding exercise.

Retail Scan is one of the few Mystery Audit Companies in India whose mystery audit programs are designed to assess real-time experience of a customer over a real-time transaction in a store, through a combination of objective and subjective evaluation techniques. Quick reporting and deep-dive analysis of key improvement areas enable our clients to take early corrective actions, thereby resulting in a high ROI proposition. We meticulously measure and report on aspects like quality of your sales staff including their product knowledge, efficacy of customer engagement and adherence to standard sales procedures (SSP), product placement in store, nature and type of competition prices and schemes that is denting your sales etc. We are one the leading Mystery Audit Companies in Mumbai and aspire to become pioneers in the industry.

What retail scan brings to the table:

  • Our mystery audit programs help to improve operational issues and service delivery statement plus maintain higher track record.
  • Retail Scan helps to benchmark internal standards against those of competition.
  • You can identify non-compliant areas against agreed SLAs with your channel partners.
  • Evaluate efficacy of your training programs and identify gaps.

Benchmark Internal standards against competition

Identify non-compliant areas

Evaluate efficacy of training programs

Monitor service delivery standards

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