KYC - Terms & Condition - Retail Scan

KYC - Terms and Condition

The retailer will promote brand awareness & marketing of the said brand in the local territory including the store under its control.

Pay-out will be disbursed amongst eligible retailers and eligibility will be decided on the basis of fulfillment of the program by the brand owner.

The retailer has to submit invoice at the end of each quarter (3 months)/month for the above services as per the terms of program.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this agreement, the retailer agrees that it is eligible to receive part of the consideration being the Goods and Services Tax (GST) charged in respect of the supply only after the details of such invoices/supply are uploaded by it in the form GSTR-1 (or such other form as may be notified in lieu thereof form time to time), which is subsequently reflected in form GSTR-2A (or such other form as may be notified in lieu thereof form time to time), made available electronically to the company and are considered as matched with the corresponding details furnished by the company in its returns, in terms of the relevant provisions of the GST laws.

The retailer agrees to indemnify the company and keep it indemnified from and against any or all liabilities*, that may accrue or be demanded by any taxing authority, in respect to or in connection with the execution of scope of work or payments made / due to the retailer, arising under the said agreement or anything done pursuant to the same. any such compensation towards indemnification of liabilities by the retailer to the company will be made within 15 days of the liabilities accruing / demanded raised by tax authorities on the company either by way of issuance of demand or show cause notice or order decree.

Authorized representative of Retail Scan may visit the store of the retailer to monitor the visibility of the activities undertaken by the retailers.

Eligible amount will be directly credited into the bank account of the retailers, details of which are given in the form.

Retailers are liable to intimate to Retail Scan if there are any changes in their registration status and bank details on below mentioned email id or through the Retailer App

Retailer will receive an intimation of the payment advice form Retail Scan, once the eligible amount is credited to their bank account.

In case of any complaints/grievance of non-receipt of eligible amount, retailers are free to contact the helpline number 98209-29577 and write to the helpline number is open form Monday-Friday between 9 am to 6 pm

This Agreement shall become effective and valid from the execution date of signing of this Agreement for a period of 1 (one) year and shall be automatically renewed, unless terminated by either party and/or immediately on breach of any clause of the said agreement.

Retail Scan reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, including extending, withdrawing the program without notice or assigning any reasons, at its discretion and without any liability.

Any disputes arising out of, or relates to this program shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

This agreement is solemnly related to the retailer and Retail Scan only and is non-transferable.

* ‘liabilities' in this agreement means, “any kind of taxes / duties, disallowance of input tax credit, loss, damage, legal expenses, demands, claims, costs, interest, penalties including in relation to compliances arising under respective taxing statute in course of execution of scope of work”. ‘liabilities accruing / demanded' in this agreement means, “any liabilities proposed to be imposed either during investigation or audit or by way of issuance of show notice, or demanded by way of issuance of order of decree by taxing authority.”

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