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The FMCG channel in India is myriad with very little opportunity of direct communication between the manufacturer and the retailer. FMCG manufacturers assign large budgets to create retail loyalty programs, but gratification alone cannot ensure loyalty, the true essence of a long-lasting relationship lies in transparency and effective and frequent communication between two entities. This is what EZEEPay app brings to the FMCG industry, it provides a platform where a retailer gets to access details of the payouts received from the principal company, get new information on schemes and discounts and updates given by the Company while the company gets to communicate with the store directly.

What's more!!! Through the app the store owner can update his KYC details, raise service invoice for giving the FMCG company the perfect visibility for its products gets his form 16 and much more.

The app is secured through a pan/ Mobile number-based login; it is easy to use and is available in multiple languages.

Areas where Ezeepay can help:

Accessing My Details:
Entire Outlet information in one glance like A/c Number, GST, Store Details, etc. This helps retailers to instantly update the details as needed with requisite images that bear testimony to his KYC details.

Invoice Generation:
Instant Invoice generation in a single click.

Track detailed statement of amount paid, month and program.

Repository of all notifications
App notification whenever any update or payment made in account.:

Access schemes and discounts shared by the FMCG company.

Query resolution through experts
Get Issues/Queries resolved by Payout Specialists. Issues/Queries/Concerns can be addressed by the dedicated team for better clarity.

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