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Retail Store Census

As a marketer, you know your current distribution width extends up to X thousand outlets. You also know you can still cover a substantial part of the road and may be increase your reach up to 2X thousand outlets. The possible dilemma you are often faced with is which are those additional X thousand outlets and where are they located? Which ones are the best industry grade outlets that you need to focus on? Which stores are category leaders in a particular area? Which are the stores that are selling your competition products regularly but your distribution is missing out in servicing them? If you are a new entrant into the market in a product or category, can you quickly benchmark the top 50% of the outlets selling your direct competition?

Can you quickly use a surrogate to measure the width of the distribution that you should build in the first 6 months of your product launch? What should be the optimum sale level in an outlet? Further to this the continuing phenomenon of new stores coming up, existing stores getting dropped due to distributor shuffling, retailers adding new categories to cater to increasingly discerning customers.... all these make it imperative that you have the correct understanding of where you are and where you are not. Through the customised retail census, Retail Scan field auditors armed with area maps and questionnaires, go street by street collecting the relevant information that match up to your profile of stores you want. The details typically include: outlet name, address, telephone number, outlet type, use of scanning equipment, presence of air-conditioning, refrigeration facilities, number of hours open per day, monthly turnover, floor space, and most importantly presence of the major product categories that are relevant to your needed profile.

All the information is gathered by observation through a handheld app that provides for survey questions with corroborating images.

What Retail Scan Brings to the table:

  • Gives you comprehensive answers to profiling your of store.
  • Geo Tagging and profiled store for distribution increase.
  • Give access to every possible store level issue like distribution coverage, service quality, competition presence, average offtake, retailer viewpoints, etc.

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